Discount Tractors Price Choppers Guarantee



Applies to genuine quotes from competitors and Australian registered businesses and websites for tractors sold within Australia. Quote must be in writing and must be presented to us prior to purchase.


The tractor package must be available and able to be purchased by the general public when you bring it to us, (Custom made deals, discounted deals, stock liquidations, "limited time only" or "special offers" will not be accepted).


Your quote must be for identical engine horsepower, identical specifications and included implements and accessories, for example, if our tractor has a 4-in-1 loader with a 400kg capacity and comes with a 5ft slasher, then the competitor's package must match those specifications.


The competitor's quote must be for Brand New, showroom quality equipment. Ex-demonstration models, scratch 'n' dent specials, and factory seconds are not acceptable.


If you meet the criteria, we will beat the price by $1.00.


But Wait - There's More!

We are so confident we will not be beaten on price that if you happen to find a cheaper tractor quote and we don't beat it, we will give you your new tractor for FREE!

Price Choppers Guarantee - How it Works & Terms and Conditions

To qualify for a price beat, you must complete these simple steps...



As long as the same tractor is available, Discount Tractors will BEAT any genuine written quote by $1.


Bring us a written quote prior to purchasing your tractor.


Your quote must be in writing and must match tractor prices available to the general public, in other words, they must be "everyday" prices, not custom made deals, discounted, "limited time only" or "special offers".

Your genuine written quote must be presented to us prior to purchase. The competitor's tractor must be sold within Australia.


You can provide written tractor quotes from:

1) Other Australian tractor sales businesses
2) Online tractor sales businesses within Australia


Your quote must be for a tractor and implement package, not just a tractor by itself. In other words, it must come bundled with one or more implements, for example, a post hole borer or slasher.


Confirmation that the quote is genuine and available - Your Discount Tractors dealer will need to confirm that the quote is genuine, available, and able to be ordered by the general public when you present it to us.

If it all checks out, we will BEAT it by $1.


You will be required to order your tractor from us when we beat your quote, pay a deposit or pay in full.

If the same quoted product is not available, we will endeavour to find you the best available alternative that suits your requirements.

Price beaten quotes must at least have a 10% deposit paid within 3 business days to be valid.


How do I get a FREE Tractor?

*If we are required to beat your tractor quote and we don't, then your new tractor is FREE!

Discount Tractors will do everything they can to beat the price you have been quoted, providing the qualifying criteria are met, we will beat that price by $1.


If the qualifying criteria are met and your dealer does not beat your quoted price, you will receive your new tractor package free of charge.

You must make your "free tractor" claim prior to purchase. The free tractor will be paid for by us and will be of the same specifications (where possible) to the one you have asked us to price beat. We do not reimburse customers for a tractor they have purchased elsewhere, nor do we provide them with cash or vouchers to the value of the tractor we were asked to price beat.