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Help and Support Centre is designed to help you get to know your new tractor. Whether you're a tractor novice or someone with experience using a tractor, these topics can help you understand the tasks and tools you need to use your new tractor with ease, and most importantly, safely.


Note: We're constantly updating and improving the Help and Support Centre, if you can't find the answer you're looking for, or think of something that could be added, please contact us.


Help Topics

Frequently Asked Questions - Most new tractor questions can be answered here

Using a Tractor Safely - A tractor is one of the most useful machines on a farm - learn how to use one safely

20 Tractor Safety Tips - A good staring reference, 20 simple tips to help keep you safe with your tractor

Using Your Tractor on the Road - Find out what rules apply before your tractor is road legal

What is ROPS? - Learn about what protects you in the event of a roll over

What is a Three Point Linkage? - Learn about the three point linkage on the back of the tractor

What is a PTO? - Learn about the power take-off on the back of the tractor

Gear Change Instructions - Video demonstration of the procedure for changing gear on a tractor
Proper Clutch Control - Learn the right and wrong way to use the clutch pedal.
The 4-in-1 Bucket - Video demonstration of the procedure for bucket installation and removal

Exhaust smoke - black, blue or white - Is your tractor blowing smoke? Find out what it means here


Manuals & Fact Sheets


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Selecting the Right Tractor For You - Finding the BEST tractor can seem hard - we've made it easier!

How to Use a Front End Loader - The Front End Loader may seem complicated, this manual explains it

Auger Safety Guide - A Grain Auger may seem like a simple device - learn how to safely operate one

Post Hole Borer Safety - A Post Hole Borer drills holes in the ground - learn how to drill safely
Slasher Safety - Cutting grass may look like a straightforward task - learn about the dangers
Flail Mower Safety - Cutting grass may look like a straightforward task - learn about the dangers

Machinery Guarding Guide - Learn the rules and regulations behind guarding moving parts

Backhoe Instruction Manual - How to use a self contained backhoe

Tractor Care Sheet - Discover the basics of looking after your new tractor

Recommended Hydraulic & Engine Oils - Hydraulic oil and Motor oil are different, find out what to use here

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