Selecting the Right Tractor For You


How to Choose the Right Tractor for You...


Trying to find the BEST tractor can seem like an overwhelming task. Given the number of different dealers and brands in the marketplace, different horsepower ratings, you may not know where to start.

There are some preliminary steps that you should take when deciding which tractor is BEST for you and your needs.

Being able to work in a comfortable working environment is a critical factor that you will need to consider as you may be spending hours in your tractor, each day. If you are "taller" than an average person, you will need the extra leg room, and a comfortable ergonomic seat. In general, Discount Tractors tractors are slightly larger than competitors in its class. The Discount Tractors tractors offer many comfortable features such as optional cabin, flat floor and unique positioning of the control levers. This is what makes Discount Tractors such a popular brand in Australia.

Reliability and Durability
Your tractor will need to be reliable and durable to serve you for many years. Your tractor is in fact, a long term investment so you must ensure that it will not break down during the first use. Many dealers and brands rely on brochures and videos to prove the reliability of their products, however this may not be convincing as one will always want to touch and feel for themselves. At Discount Tractors, we offer a free test drive which is aimed to promote the reliability of our tractors. We offer customers an opportunity to try before they buy. That’s what makes Discount Tractors stand out from the rest.

Size of Property and Intended Tasks
Knowing the capability of your tractor is extremely important. Each page on the website has an icon which tells you the best suited land size for each tractor model. Consider what you want to use the tractor for – do you want it just for slashing? Do you want to move large portions of soil? Do you need to repair an eroded gravel driveway?
Knowing what you want the tractor for, as well as the size of the land, will help you to decide what size tractor you need, and also any implements you may wish (or need) to purchase with it.

Size of Company
When you are deciding to purchase a compact tractor, you really need to under-stand the size of the brand or the dealership. Customers who visit Discount Tractors are astounded by the size of the distributorship when compared to competitors. Shipments arrive on a regular basis to keep up with the popular demand for Discount Tractors machinery.

Product Knowledge and Professionalism
Buying a tractor is a considerable financial investment and you deserve to be treated professionally and talking to representatives with adequate product knowledge.

All you will ever get from Discount Tractors is the finest quality equipment, elite customer service and prices that cannot be beaten.

Talk to friendly, real people who work with tractors every day, not a pen pusher who's just in it for the money. When you pick up the phone, you’ll talk to a real person straight away, not a robot or a switchboard.

At Discount Tractors we believe that elite customer service is paramount. If you experience any difficulty with your tractor, complain loudly! We're here to help and to do our utmost to resolve any issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our sales team consists of professionally and highly trained experts, trained by world renowned authorities in marketing and business acumen. We strive to offer our customers with the highest knowledge in agricultural machinery, to ensure that you receive the most professional and accurate advice; helping you reach your decision sooner.

Make your next tractor investment a tractor from Discount Tractors; get the quality of the big boys without the big price.


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