Not All Chinese Tractors are the Same...

Thinking about buying

a Chinese tractor?


Mention ‘Chinese tractor’ to a dealer who does not sell Chinese tractors and you will almost certainly be warned and cautioned! But is this fair or this this fear? Or is it "Sour Grapes" because it’s hard to sell against the less costly Chinese tractors.


So what is the truth and how can you get best Value for you Money when buying a tractor. Here's the facts...

The truth is that Chinese manufacturing technology and quality has improved in quantum leaps over the last few years and China is a world leading machinery manufacturer in many fields. This is why so many of the world’s largest companies are now manufacturing in China. Having said this, there are still risks!

As with everything in business – when buying a tractor, it boils down to ‘Risk verses Reward’. Are the risks mitigated enough and are the resultant rewards high enough to warrant purchasing a Chinese manufactured tractor?

Quality and reliability is relative to price and this is why most Chinese tractors are designed to be simple to service and support. The engines are normally copies of tried proved and tested engines and the transmission, hydraulics and drive train are also often copies of successful tractors. Simple and basic is often a good choice because it means low cost, easy to service and no complicated electrical programming or service commitments.

Consider how often you will actually use the tractor because most small acreage owners are weekend tractor drivers and the tractor sites it the shed for most of the time. So why spend extra money for a machine that is not a priority tool.

When it comes to tractors, don’t under estimate the value of power and weight. The bigger and heavier are safer to drive and will do more, so consider the long term goals and buy the appropriate size. This means you can buy more power and weight in a Chinese tractor.

Other key points to consider...

  • Who is the reseller of the product?

  • How committed are they to supporting their sales?

  • Do they have what it takes to support your needs and can they assure you of long term service and support.

Discount Tractors are the exclusive distributors of the Australis and Deutschlander brands of tractors in Australia. The Australis and Deutschlander brands are manufactured by reputable Chinese companies, which produces over 130,000 tractors per year for export worldwide. Australis and Deutschlander was introduced to Australia over 5 years ago and has been sold throughout Australia under warranty terms that some competitors of more costly tractors do not match.

Discount Tractors is seriously committed to sales and support of Australis and Deutschlander tractors in Australia and ticks all the boxes to ensure customers are well protected.

  • Discount Tractors pioneered the development of Chinese tractors for Australian conditions. Be sure to compare us with our competitors and you’ll see why Discount Tractors are Australia's industry leader and fastest expanding agricultural machinery supplier of the No 1. best selling Chinese tractor brands.

  • Situated on 16 hectares, Discount Tractors specializes in small to medium tractors, catering for hobby farmers, acreage owners and small farm operators, with a large range of tractors and implements to suit your needs.

  • The yard and showroom offer a large range of new tractors and agricultural implements.

  • A dedicated spare parts facility is located onsite for convenience and faster service support.

  • There are professional sales and service staff onsite to answer all of your questions to assist you.

  • Discount Tractors are 100% behind the product they sell and they back this up with an exceptional range of new product warranties.

  • Discount Tractors has systems and workshop management procedures that are world’s best practice and second to none. Every tractor is subject to detailed pre-delivery inspection and only the best lubricants and consumables are used.

  • Every Sale is backed by a warranty with a percentage of every sale retained in a warranty trust account to guarantee that warranty claims are supported.

  • Discount Tractors is a modern forward thinking company but understands that good old fashioned customer service and honesty is essential.

Getting back to the ‘Risk verses Reward’ concept. You can now see that your risk is minimized by having a trusted group like Discount Tractors backing the product you buy and at the same time saving you considerable costs by not having to pay a fortune for the machinery.

If you are located on relatively small acreage or if you are not a commercial farmer, you don’t necessarily need the biggest and most expensive tractor. If you think of the tractor as a necessary tool but not for everyday use, then surely the tool (tractor) that can get the job done at the least cost must be the most sensible option.

Furthermore, by saving on the cost of the tractor you will have extra funds to buy other implements that will help you improve or develop your property or farm. This in fact provides a far greater overall return on your investment.

Finally, you can also be assured that for as long as you own your Chinese tractor, parts and after sales service will be significantly less than the more costly models. This is because the Chinese tractor parts cost so much less.